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NewsLetter No. 28

Dear friends and students,

I write after an intense Spring in between Sicily and the magic Peru. To return to my island always stirs up many emotions. But this workshop really went beyond any expectations for all the unplanned and moving events fueled by this encounter with eleven students most of them new.

For personal reasons I had decided to help one of my students. A voice inside of me was saying: "Help Rafa. Give him this opportunity." I slashed a considerable amount from the workshop's fee and we agreed to keep the secret between the two of us. The workshop had just began and I started understanding that things were going to turn out differently.

The very first day of the workshop, during the important session of portfolios' review, all remaining 10 students started realizing the tremendous talent that this young, good-natured Spanish man has. Some of them started to spontaneously come up with some suggestions on how to help Rafael become a full time photographer.

Sascha suggested seeing if other students could be interested in purchasing some of his work, then Chris came up with another good idea. I wasn't surprised to see this outpour of support for the young man, but felt that it had to be shaped in such a way to support both him and other young, talented students in the years to come. I believe it was David that finally said: “Ernesto how about if we help you create a scholarship fund to give the opportunity to younger generation of photographers to study with you in the years to come?" Just three other students were present at that occasion. We all looked at one another in the eye and realized that we were on to something important. The next day, the five of us had a concise but very productive briefing in which we all shared our thoughts and decided to start shaping this idea of creating a scholarship fund into reality.

It's my great privilege to share with all of you that Rafael will return to the easter in Sicily workshop next year with one scholarship that two students and I have already financed. Hopefully, with all your generous help a second student will benefit from another scholarship. Our goal is to be able to offer two scholarships every year in the years to come.
The philosophy behind the creation of this scholarships fund is to help young, talented photographers in their growth. To give, to donate for the sheer joy of contributing to their development under my guidance.

For all of you that would like to give us a hand to discover and and inspire new young talents I'd appreciate if you could write to me to get more info on how to help. Please write to me to

The images of this unforgettable group It Doesn't Add Up can be appreciated by following this link.

Another great news is that in a short time we will be launching the new web page of BazanPhotos Workshops totally devoted to my students' work. In this new page you will find new photographs in a bigger format, a slide-show that will be constantly updated with all the new images of future workshops. You will also find an interview on my teaching's philosophy in which I tell the birth of the workshops and their development thanks to the great contribution of many of my students and the constant synergies that continue to improve my workshops that I carry out with passion and love.
All the students' gallery from 2002 have been revised and updated improving the images' quality.
A new e-mail will inform when the launching of the new web page for BazanPhotos Workshops will be.

After Sicily and some rest at home in Mexico to recharge the batteries., I spent one month in Peru teaching two beautiful workshops: the first one in Iquitos that really expanded the idea of my work in this region of the country. I feel that after six years I'm just at the beginning. Iquitos continues to be a condensed and incredible microcosm of humanity. But during this workshop, we traveled even further to Biblical times.
An overall feeling of great emotions and surprise accompanied us along this journey that we defined as extraordinary and for that we named our group An Amazing Journey. Soon you will have the opportunity to see the every beautiful images taken by two travel companions Nilo and Stan. Next year the workshop's dates will be moved to June in order to continue probing this incredible adventure. Start preparing for a unique trip next year!

The second workshop brought me back to Cuzco for the first time in May. Thanks to this collaboration with PhotoXpeditions I had the opportunity to lead my students among this land that for the last thirteen years has been part of my photographic destiny and not only that. I wanted to be here in May to finally be able to photograph the harvesting of corn and potatoes that back in October of 2012 we had managed to photograph the sowing.
I had the great fortune of having some special students: Willard was attending her twenty-fifth workshop with me, Stan after the workshop in Iquitos has decide to join the workshop to continue his exploration of Peru. But the great, pleasant surprise have been my four Mexican students: Balbina, Norma, Pilar and Pili. I had promise them to take them out of their comfort zone. I believe that the final outcome of their work is simply stunning. But their beautiful images, as always, are just a part of this beautiful experience lived thanks to the fusion of all our energies: true magic!
Shortly you will have the opportunity to see the images taken by the group A Little Step To The Left, you will be able to read their comments and better understand my words.

From June 21st through June 22nd I'll be at PRC in Boston to teach my only summer 2-day editing workshop in the US. Several students are already enrolled and just a few spots remain.
For further information please visit the link below.

The summer workshop in my beloved Bahia will follow as it continues to enrich itself with unique photographic situations. Below the link to the gallery of the group Caipirinha Candomble Soup And
Rainnn where you will be able to see what my students did last summer.

Group Caipirinhas Candomble and Soup and Rainn Bahia 2012

At the end of October, I'll return to Oaxaca to continue photographing the Day of the Dead intimate celebrations. It seems incredible that it will be my thirteen consecutive workshop there. We will continue exploring this magic rituals. After last year's amazing experience in the Sierra de Juarez this year we will continue to discover these mountainous regions where people celebrates the Day of Dead celebrations in a very intimate way. As every year, early registration is strongly suggested. As of now, only a few openings are left.

Group Mar...velous. Oaxaca 2012

Immediately after that the Cuzco workshop will follow. For the first time, I've moved the dates from October to November in order to photograph new locations and religious feasts. The workshop is filling up faster than usual. Early registration is strongly suggested.

Group Chasing Llamas Cuzco 2012

Finally in December I'll be teaching a new workshop in Mexico City during the incredible celebrations of the Virgin of Guadalupe. We will manage to explore and discover this unique and mysterious city.

Guadalupe Celebration. Mexico, City. 2013

I thank you all for your support with your participation in my workshops .Thanks to your help for the last twelve years, I've been able to carry out my work in a very independent way. It's priceless!

A big hug to all of you. EB




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