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Cuba Bazan

BazanPhotos has the pleasure to offer you a glimpse of my future photographic book on Cuba. The work covers a time span of almost 14 years. I started working on the project in the fall of 1992 and shot the last image in late June of 2006, just before our final departure from the island.

You will be able to look at the cover, the book’s initial pages and the fourth chapter devoted to my beloved Cuban countryside where I hang out and photographed my farmers’ friends for many years.

Besides sharing some of my work with my students and the usual and casual visitors, this partial presentation wants to give a better idea of what the finished product will look like.

As some of you already know, I’ve decided to self-publish the book in order to maintain total control over the images, the text, the sequencing, and the lay-out and, last but not least, the high quality of the finished product.

So far the response from my loyal students has been incredible, not to mention all their help in the long and difficult editing process. For sure, this book will be remembered for the generous and fantastic feedback that many students have so generously provided. One thing says it all: thanks to all their comments and suggestions, I’m now in my fourth version of the original dummy and the editing continues even now.

Since I started showing it, during my Peruvian workshop in October of last year, many important changes have been made, and over 30 students have either already donated the $1,000 to acquire a limited edition copy of the book, which will contain an original print of mine (signed and numbered from 1 to 100), or pledged to do so in the next coming months of 2007.

I’m now hoping to be able to move and inspire another 20 or so supporters to make this dream come true.

We are planning to have the book’s launching in the fall of 2008. A busy production’s schedule is underway.

The book will have 160 pages and will contain 122 black and white images, divided in 6 chapters. It will also feature excerpts from my journal entries, contact sheets and several quotes by different writers and artists that I love and a few little surprises.

The size of the book will be 10 and half by 12 inches. It will be printed as duotones, on beautiful 150gr paper, by a leading Italian printing press working with the best printing technology available and utilizing high-resolution drum scan files.

3000 copies will be printed: 1000 for each edition in English, Italian and Spanish. Each language trade publication will also feature a limited edition of 100 copies. Each limited edition will have a different image printed on European size (9 and half by12 inches) warm tone paper, which I have rarely used in the past, to make each copy of the edition even more precious and rare. The $1,000 price is the pre-publication price. Once the book will come out the limited edition copies will be sold for $1,200 each in the first year. As the copies get scarcer the price will increase accordingly. Although the limited edition copies represent a sound investment and they will fetch a higher price within a few years after their release, I always comment to all my students that the primary reason to motivate them to make their pledge is to be spiritual. They have to feel, deep inside, the urge to help me maintain the full integrity of so many years of my life and work.

So far, I can assure that each single supporter has done so because he or she has emotionally responded to the images and text and they all strongly believe that my story needs to be told and shared with a larger audience.

If you make your pledge, you will receive additional benefits: a 5% discount on the next BazanPhotos workshop that you will take, 10% discount on all the regular copies of the book that you might want to purchase in the first year of the book’s publication. In addition to all that, the names of all donors will appear in the thank-you-note that I’ll write in the book; you will also be the first to receive fresh from the press copies once the book comes out. In one of the front pages, I’ll also write a hand-written personal dedication to each supporter and sign it for you.

I hope that by looking at these images and reading these words it will spark the light within you.

Ernesto Bazan

See part of the book

Limited edition print for English book

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