Photography by Ernesto Bazan
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Passing Through
Passing Through

Every one looks, perhaps unconsciously, for the place where he comes from in any corner of the world. And it is inevitable that he finds it, because, with some slight difference, all the world is only one place ( of the being and disappearing of mankind)...For more than ten years, Ernesto Bazan has been travelling around the world to photograph. But it is also possible that he takes pictures to give a rational justification to the euphoria of traveling.

He left Palermo in 1979 for New York, where he studied photography. Photographer out of an interior necessity and not for external urge. He has given himself a trade for his own pleasure: as it often happens to those who do their work with ingeniousness. For more than ten years, we were saying, he has been traveling taking pictures and he has been taking pictures while traveling. He goes where magazines send him and where nobody sends him. He goes, because, although reasoning might suspect the contrary, it is destined that he must go."

Diego Mormorio

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