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Group Patagonia
Patagonia Gallery

Another new workshop after the one in Sicily and the one in New York over the summer.

I was excited to face this new challenge and to meet up with Alvaro, Frank, Wendell all BazanPhotos Workshops aficionados and with Alessandro the only new comer.

As in Peru and Mexico, we all felt a profound sense of spirituality pervading our picture-taking opportunities. I’ll never forget the warm welcome we received from the family that was hosting the feast. We were with the utmost respect reserved to sacred guests, It was a treat to realize that we were the only foreign visitors at the most fascinating feast I have ever photographed in my life: from the improvised corrida, to the cruel and slow killing of the bulls, while some of the participants where drinking their blood in the ensuing celebrations.

At times, the students and I were simply looking at each other in disbelief for the amazing events we were privileged of photographing.

And how can we forget the cattle fair, the small religious procession we run into along the highway, the orphanage, or the family run circus we stumbled upon.

Why call the group Patagonia, if we were hundred of miles away? At the end of the circus’ performance, one lady from the public approached Alvaro and said: ”I’ve seen you guys somewhere. “ He looked at her with a hesitant expression on his face. “Yes, now I remember” she added a moment later, “ You were all part of a documentary on Patagonia I saw last week on TV. I recognize each one of you.” “Yes”, replied Alvaro knowing that he couldn’t have answered otherwise.

You will tell me that I keep repeating myself when, at the end of each workshop, I always say that it has been a very special gathering, but, once again, it was indeed. I’d dare to say that the level of photography was exceptional. In no other workshop, I’ve chosen ten images per student. The hardest thing was to eliminate others. Enjoy the beautiful images.


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