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Group Patria
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The last workshop of this unforgettable season; the last gathering of minds, of people sharing this burning passion for photography.
The greatest joy having my good friend Gabriella coming all the way from Cefalù as part of the group.

She has been so happy to be here. I know why: she can finally understand why I love this island so much, fell it for herself, share it with me and my family. I knew it would have happened as I wrote many times in my e-ma to her. She can now comprehend how Cuba has changed my life; what motivates me to stay, to raise my children here. She has kept saying that she will be come backing soon, that she wants to stay. I know she will.

Another good reason for being elated is to take a look at the final strong and subtle images that Becky, Piergiorgio, Gabriella and Sophie have taken; to listen from each one of them as this whole experience, the sharing with my farmers’ friends, has really moved them to tears. It has been, once again, much more than just a photographic workshop.

This group is paying tribute to the wonderful host that Patria has been to all of them in Havana. My home was being repainted and fixed. She graciously accepted to let us have our editing sessions and final critique at her house. She made all of us feel welcomed, part of the family.

Thanks Patria for having contributed to another beautiful life experience.


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