Photography by Ernesto Bazan
Group Chango
Group Chango

Trinidad, with its colonial splendor, was the location of choice during the intimate and unique celebrations devoted to Chang˛, one of the most important deities in the Santeria pantheon.

A special group of students coming from so many different parts of the world (Barbados, Holland, Italy, Spain the US and even from Singapore) to experience and tell through pictures the beauty of Cuban daily-life with its myriad nuances. We shared our commitment to extract the essence of life from its unstoppable flow. We partook in the amazing Santeria rituals and in the many daily-life activities that were unfolding before our eyes.

But as in other workshops in Cuba, the students showed their generosity with our subjects. Gifts were presented one night to many of the pregnant women in the maternity house across the street. New friendships and bonds were cemented during the intensity of the course. A real book printed by one of the students at the printing plant he works at and an exhibition of their work in a gallery in Spain will provide the appropriate rewards for the hard work and the good photographs each one of them put in.

Ernesto Bazan

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