Photography by Ernesto Bazan
Group Very Good

After so many years of taking pictures in what I consider my “island”, I’d have never imagined that this workshop in Baracoa would have given me the opportunity to discover a “new” island.

I realize why Cuba  never stops surprising me. We explored the majestic rivers, photographing and simply enjoying the richness of daily life along the banks. We trekked for miles to isolated hamlets, ate delicious tropical fruits and fresh lobsters grilled right on the beach by friendly fishermen, barged in at a birthday party in the middle of nowhere high on the Sierra. We danced, drunk rum and swam in the turquoise ocean water and the clear sweet waters of the rivers whenever we felt the heat.  Willard, on her 8th workshop with me, took probably one of her most beautiful pictures from Cuba; Linda Kay made a great leap forward from the Summer in Sicily workshop. Last but not least, Peter beautifully combined with his 120 format camera landscape and people in a very personal way. Should I say more? Simply look at the images.

Ernesto Bazan

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