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Does It go Beyond?

This has been my fifth workshop in the island where I first saw light, where I became the photographer I’m now.

I can’t help saying that, once again, this group has surpassed the previous ones, not just because of the astounding quality of the students’ work, but especially because of the wonderful way we shared life, food, photography and so many other things under the same roof.

I was very happy to have for the first time three Italian students (usually my Italian students prefer to follow me in my the Latin American adventures). They almost represented the majority within the group. Sara had just taken the Peruvian workshop a few months ago, I already knew what a special and sensitive person she is. But Daniele and Lorenzo were truly two great God’s gifts for me and the rest of the group. I will never forget their generosity.

And there was my good friend Juan, who was finally making a dream come true for both us: visiting Sicily together. And then there was Bob taking his third Sicilian workshop in a row, Chris and Judy bringing their good energy and sense of humor; Willem the soft-spoken Dutch with a special eye; Tristan the Brit committed to take his work to the next level, and last but not least there was Te’a from Finland. Nobody is perfect. Ah! Ah! Ah!

I knew that with this motley crew I couldn’t go wrong. The whole experience proved me right.

What I love the most about teaching is the ability to inspire students, to let them deeply understand the life commitment needed to take lasting images. I feel that this very workshop triggered this sort of mechanism inside some of them. The Goddess of photography has claimed a few new worshippers.

In the end, we had 10 memorable days, we overcame problems, we worked really hard, we bounded, and managed to create the Does It Go Beyond? group. Most images didn’t go beyond the severe threshold that I set, but the few ones, which did, made me feel proud. I’ll spare you any additional comments on their images. Simply take a look and read what they had to say.

Ernesto Bazan

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