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ICP - No struggle no progress

For the first time I've decided to include in my students' gallery even the images taken in the workshop I teach every summer at ICP in New York . I did so because I have had a group of excellent and dedicated students. Their passion and love for photography moved me. Some of them had just turned 18 year old and this course was their spring board in their photographic education. I'm sure that you will approve of my decision.

I like to describe this course as a "concentrated" workshop because in only five days the students have to choose a theme, take pictures and then start editing the images with me on a daily basis. I'd say that it has been a beautiful marathon: intense, intimate and touching. Once again, the photographs taken by Aliona, Astrid, Benjamin, Calli, Dominuque, Jacque, Jessica, Leticia, Lois, Robert, Rodrigo, Sofia and Thiago speak for themselves. A special endorsement goes to Benjamin that after having taken my New York workshop decided that he wanted to continue studying with me and took the ICP course taking pictures that only him could have taken. From fearing people to creating images strongly personal and unique: what a jump! I only wish that he would follow my advise to continue photographing on the streets of this incredible city. With many of the students we made a vow to meet again in my beloved Sicily and Latin America. Let's see what destiny has in store!


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