Photography by Ernesto Bazan
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Cani con le ali

Again among these landscapes that take your breath away and that make your heart smiles. It's the ninth year that destiny wants for me to be here with my students to continue delving into the simple, old and profound quotidian life-style of these people stubbornly clung to their traditions. We return to the same paths, the same celebrations in the hope to have new opportunities to capture the essence of moments that unfold before our very eyes. Sofia is young and full of enthusiasm and desire to learn. Giorgio returns to the place where he started his photographic learning with me by following 5 workshops in a row. he has gone a long away; his pictures speak alone! We look at them again after a few years have gone by and we try to find the common thread. As always, they are 10 intense, tiring days, but they are also full of unique magical moments. Then slowly we go over and edit all their photographs always seeking to keep the few ones that have left a trace.


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