Photography by Ernesto Bazan
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Castelos de Areja

Together with Elena we have just concluded the last workshop of 2011. We look at each other in the eyes and we cannot avoid smiling, we cannot avoid feeling satisfied, but not just for her the beautiful pictures that she has taken. We feel happy that our spirit has held on, that it has helped us overcome the melancholia and sadness that we confessed to each other.
Ten long and extraordinary days taking pictures of true candomblè's ceremonies, where we both perceived this divine will that since several years wants me here taking pictures, sharing with my students this magic reality; that wants me to photograph the extraordinary beauty of the simple things as my beloved Raymond Carver would say.
Coming here for the third time to study with me, Elena has demonstrated to have learned several important things for us photographers: patience, perseverance, humility, generosity, and the joy of living without which our photographs would seem sterile and superficial. Her Brazilian's work comes out stronger, it has gone deeper. She surely has walked a long way from that moment when I met by chance that Italian tourist on the Peruvian mountains.
We dedicate the name of the workshop to the words of that poem by Lincon Roberto Endo that when I heard it, I immediately realized that it couldn't be otherwise. Até mais.


Seja você
castelo de areia
resisti não no chão
as investidas loucas
desse mar solidao

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