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Latin American Cantos

For many years, I have drawn inspiration from several Latin American countries, particularly some microcosms of Brazil, Mexico, and Peru. Thanks to my workshops I have been able to return to the same locations for almost two decades. I am very lucky to have had the desire, health, time, and the students to go with me. More and more I feel that my pictures are becoming poems: haikus where less is always more.

To organize these visual poems, I have been inspired by Dante Alighieri’s structure of cantos, long poetic divisions used in the Divine Comedy. My Latin American Cantos are grouped both by country and by theme. Like in most of my work the main subjects are daily-life, faith, and our relation to mother earth.

I hope to eventually self-publish these cantos in sets of three books each beginning with the first three cantos devoted to the city of Salvador, in Bahia, Brazil, a place I considered my new Havana and my new Cuba during the long years that I couldn’t return to the island. With the Latin American Cantos I’ll share a significant part of my photographic work devoted to the geographical areas where I always felt at home. EB


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